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I advise and help other entrepreneurs to succeed.

I am delighted to be a part of the Advisory Board of two innovative and promising tech companies:


a POWERHOUSE platform to Inspire  consumers, spread education,. encourage innovation, influence culture and impact society

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A hybrid platform for remote teaching of keyboard proficiency

My services (how I can help your music company to grow):

As a Startup Advisor with a focus on music startups, I can provide a range of valuable services to companies in this space. Some of the key services I can offer include:

  1. Business Strategy: As a startup advisor, I can help music startups to develop and refine their business strategies. This might involve identifying market opportunities, analyzing the competitive landscape, and creating a plan to differentiate the company from its competitors. I can also help the startup to define its mission, vision, and values, and establish a clear roadmap for achieving its goals.

    I have 20 years of valuable industry experience, and I know what's happening in the music industry.
    I'm a musician, so I care!


  2. Fundraising and Investor Relations: Music startups often require significant funding to get off the ground and grow. As a startup advisor, I can help the company to identify potential investors, develop a compelling pitch, and negotiate deals. I can also provide guidance on how to manage relationships with investors and develop a strong investor relations strategy.

  3. Product Development and Management: Whether the music startup is developing a new music streaming platform, a music education app, or a music hardware product, I can provide guidance on product development and management. This might include developing a product roadmap, managing the product development process, and testing and refining the product to ensure it meets customer needs.

Overall, as a Startup Advisor with a focus on music startups, I can provide a range of valuable services to help your company succeed. 


Do you have a venture? Let's talk!

Dr. Amit Weiner - a keynote speaker at the UN Headquarters in Geneva. January 2023

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