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Dr. Amit Weiner
Cinematic and Concert Music Composer

Winner of Israel Prime Minister Award for Composers 2022

"His musical works are a tapestry of unparalleled originality and innovation, meticulously tailored for a myriad of ensembles, symphony orchestras, as well as chamber music groups.
They have been performed extensively both in Israel and abroad, on important stages worldwide"

The Prime Minister's Prize Committee for Composers 2022

"Amit Weiner's lecture on Arvo Pärt's music was undeniably captivating and enlightening.
His style and approach were perfectly on target, making it an exceptional addition to our festival"

Professor Andrew Sigler, University of Tennessee, College of Music

Who do I work with?

You've heard my music on Netflix, HBO, Fox, The BBC and more

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Welcome to my website,  thanks for stopping by! :)


My name is Amit Weiner and I compose music for films, trailer music and Library Music with more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

I am signed with Universal Music Group, have licensed over 1,000 tracks, which were featured in 5000+ TV shows and trailers

I am living in Tel Aviv, Israel, and I have the pleasure of working with companies in the film industry such as Universal Production Music, Warner/Chappell Music Group Production,
Sonoton (Germany), Non Stop Music, Gothic Storm Music (UK).


I feel privileged to have my music played in many places around the world, and recorded in such studios as Abbey Road Studios (UK), and has been performed at Carnegie Hall among others.

I was extremely honored to receive the Israel Prime Minister Award for Composers 2022!

I teach composition and I am Head of the Cross-Disciplinary Composition Department at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel, and I am always open to meet new musicians and students!

Composer Credits:

Film Music | Library Music

Warner Chappell Production Music GmbH, E
concert at cyberport 3
The Library of the Human Soul
BBC News
May 2017
Once Upon A Fantasy
Thailand Tv Series
Contemplative - Cinematic Piano Themes_c
The Library of the Human Soul Love
The Library of the Human Soul
Shadows - Album Cover

<My Music for Films>

Embrace Again (2021) 穿过寒冬拥抱你 -
A Chinese Movie Trailer with my track
"Twilight Encounter"


The original track - "Twilight Encounter"

Music by Amit Weiner and Amir Gurvitz.

© 2019 Universal Production Music. All rights reserved.

The Curious Tale of Mr. Guo (2021)
不老奇事 - Movie Trailer - Far East Films

Music by Amit Weiner & Amir Gurvitz
The Album published by Universal Production Music

A Message from the Sea (October 2020) -

Music by Amit Weiner


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